Why can't I see all my students?

For teachers, access in CFS is tied to directly to Discovery scheduling. Teachers automatically see any student who is scheduled to them in Discovery.

  • Elementary: In MPS, elementary schools typically only schedule by homeroom; teachers will only see the students in their homeroom.
  • Secondary: In MPS, Middle and High schools schedule by class; teachers will see all students in every class they teach. 

If you teach students who are not scheduled to you in Discovery (i.e. elementary teachers who team teach or Special Education or EL teachers), please consider requesting an additional role, such as grade level or class/homeroom level. These roles will allow you to be able to view in CFS all students you instruct. These roles are not automatic, and needs to be requested.

Note: Many SpEd teachers and EL teachers have already been already granted additional roles to be able to access the students they instruct. Please confirm you need an additional role before completing a request. 

CFS looks to Discovery for this scheduling information. CFS updates student enrollment/schedule information nightly from Discovery. If a student hasn’t been enrolled in Discovery or if their schedule has not been updated, then the student will not display in CFS. The student will display correctly in CFS the day AFTER the enrollment/schedule information has been updated in Discovery. 

Enrollment and scheduling are completed at the school level. If you have questions about if/when a student has been enrolled/scheduled in Discovery, please connect with your office staff.