What data is entered into literacy forms?

The MPS elementary literacy team has information on their site about the classroom level assessments which are recorded on CFS.  

Visit the elementary literacy site to learn more:

For specific assessment information:

BKA/1st Grade/F&P Pre-Reading

Fountas and Pinnell

Words Their Way


Information about Curriculum-Based Measurement in the Minneapolis Public Schools

The Minneapolis Public Schools has a long history of using Curriculum-Based Measurement (CBM). Our efforts in this area can be traced to the work of Stanley Deno in the Seward –University Project (Deno & Gross, 1973), which emphasized the use of “quantitative representations” for measuring student progress. The development and validation of Curriculum-Based Measures (CBM) at the University of Minnesota (Deno, 1985) led to implementation of these “vital signs in education” in MPS for the purpose of screening and progress monitoring in early literacy (Letter Sounds, Correct Phonemes, Correct Onset Sounds), reading (Words Read Correctly, Correct Maze Word Choices), math (Correct Digits, Correct Problems Solved), and writing (Total Words Written, Words Written Correctly, Correct Word Sequences) (Marston & Magnusson, 1985; 1988). CBM procedures are direct, repeated measures of academic skills that are charted on graphs and used to analyze the effectiveness of interventions. The measures are valid, reliable, have purposely been designed to have short administration times, and can be considered as a general outcome measure. Student performance on the CBM measures is strongly correlated to student performance on the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCA).

For a more in comprehensive description of CBM measures in the district, visit the PIC Website at: 


For a history of Data-Based Decision-Making, Curriculum-Based Measurement, Problem Solving Model, and Response to Intervention in the Minneapolis Schools visit this link:  DBDM Background Info


REMEMBER: after you have entered your class' literacy data into forms, it is available in reports area of CFS.