How do I see the number of suspensions for my students? Especially useful for SpEd, HHM, & EL.

The number of suspensions are displayed in the roster tab, under the engagement sub tab. (Note: the roster engagement tab only displays the current year's data. If there is no data yet for the current year, then the column will not display)
The number of referrals, removals and suspensions are also included in the engagement report called Behavior: Referrals, Removal and Suspensions. By filtering for year, you can see data for the current year as well as past years.

Go to the roster tab, optional -- filter by grade, classroom, demographic or my group, generate a roster, and go to the engagement sub tab. Once you have a roster, you can sort by column to view students by the most number of incidents, or most number of days removed/suspended. Click on the column header to sort by the selected column. Click on the underlined number of referrals or number of days, to see details about the incidents.

For example, as a SpEd teacher you may complete weekly academic and behavioral reviews for students on your caseload. To review behavior, you go to the roster tab and filter by your caseload group (which you have created earlier), and then you go to the engagement sub tab and look at the students’ behavior data. Here you can see the total number of incidents and total number of days for your students.

Note: Sp Ed teachers, EL teachers, and SSWs may find it especially useful to create a my group, so that they can quickly and easily pull up just the students that they are looking for to view suspension information. My groups can be created for SpEd caseloads, for EL caseloads, or any other group of students.