How do I add an ILP?

The ILP is located on the student profile page under student links. There are 4 ILP text fields and 2 radial buttons. Complete the fields and save the data. Data entered in the ILP can be printed using PDF icon at the upper right corner, and data saved in the ILP displays in the conference report. If you complete more that one ILP per year for a student, be sure to select "second" in the visit drop-down at the top of the page when competing the second ILP.

NOTE: any user who has access to the student can update/edit the ILP data -- please work collaboratively and only update data if it is your role to do so.


Do I need to enter an ILP for all my students?

Every MPS student needs an ILP. That said, an electronic ILP in CFS only needs to be entered for students who are:

  1. Receiving an intervention (Response to Intervention)
  2. Attending after school
  3. Attending summer school


How do I open a closed intervention?

At this time closed interventions can not be re-opened for editing.

You may create a new intervention with the same information as the old intervention. To do this, you can use the intervention history view to access the information from the closed intervention to include in the new intervention. In phase 3, you will be able to enter the same intervention twice, which will make this easier to do without error.


How do I get past years' assessment data?

Past assessment data is available in 2 locations:

  1. In the student links area of the Student Profile page you can see past year's assessment data by academic category (reading, math, science, EL assessment, etc.). Each area has a separate tab.
  2. In the reports tab, users can apply the year filter to view assessment data from past years. The report show the students who are currently enrolled to the teacher, and pull assessment data from the selected year. Be sure to select the appropriate year in the year filter for the data you are looking for.