CFS Access Issues

UPDATE: all CFS issues are now going through the eHelpDesk.  Please put in an eHelpDesk ticket if you are experiencing issues with CFS, or if you need assistance getting the appropriate access in the system.

For more information about CFS user access please read the related CFS FAQs.

Classroom for Success dramatically expands access to real-time academic and behavior information
  • Includes a dynamic, continuously updated data dashboard for school leaders 
  • Allows teachers and principals to sort student data to identify strengths and gaps at the school, grade, class, and individual student level and filter according to student characteristics (e.g., Special Education, EL, home language)
  • Streamlines data entry procedures for teachers while improving the quality of data for district-wide reporting and analysis
  • Provides a simple process for teachers to manage academic/behavioral interventions along with graphing capability to monitor students’ progress
Highlighted Features

MY GROUPS -- Flexible Student Groupings You Can Create, Edit and Delete Yourself 
You can customize the filters in CFS by using the My Group filter.  My Groups allow you to select any student you have access to and build your own custom groups. You can create as many groups as you need for your instruction.  Students can be included in multiple groups.  You can add and remove students and change the group name.  Groups can be deleted when no longer needed.

My Groups are a powerful tool and are incredibly easy to use.  To learn more view the My Groups reference guide or tutorial.

THE POWER OF STANDARD FILTERS -- Available in Roster and Reports
CFS provides teachers and administrators with rich data about students.  When using and analyzing the data, often it is useful to narrow your results and to view data on only certain students. Filters allow you to do this; filters narrow your search results to only include students who meet the filter criteria.  You can view students by student charicteristics, demographics, special programs, enrollment, and more. CFS has many standard filters including: student ID, name, grade, teacher, homeroom, classroom, ethnicity, EL status, SpEd status, HHM status, AL status, intervention area, intervention tier, home language and My Groups.


TIERED INSTRUCTION & INTERVENTIONS -- Track Interventions and Student Progress
Tiered instruction is a framework of academic and behavioral supports through which all Minneapolis staff take responsibility for providing all students with what they need, when they need it.  All students in Minneapolis Public Schools receive core instruction on a daily basis that is differentiated to every extent possible.  This core instruction is referred to as Tier 1 instruction.  

When student evidence demonstrates that the differentiated Tier 1 core instruction is not resulting in student growth (either behaviorally or academically) around a specific need, tiered instruction provides guidance and resources to address that specific student need through supplemental instruction. This supplemental instruction, given in addition to core instruction, is referred to as Tier 2 instruction.  

When student evidence demonstrates that the supplemental Tier 2 instruction is not resulting in student growth, tiered instruction provides guidance and resources to provide further intensified instruction.  This intensified instruction is referred to as Tier 3 instruction.

CFS is the tool used to track this tiered instruction and interventions.  To learn more visit the Focused Instruction Tiered Support page or the CFS Interventions page.



Effective SY2015-16, MPS will be using a new data and assessment platform called Illuminate for Focused Instruction interim and benchmark assessments in literacy, math, and science for grades 3-12.  This will help MPS quantitatively capture student learning that will help drive instructional planning and practice.  The primary purpose of these assessments is to drive instructional decision-making at the site level.  Sharing this information at the district level will help us continue to improve the quality of the assessments and allow us to better target professional development to district-wide needs. Additionally, we want to reiterate that interim and benchmark assessments are not tied to teacher evaluation in any way. 

ONLY responses to multiple choice benchmark assessment questions for literacy, math, and science for grades 3-12 are required to be recorded online on Illuminate.  Other content areas may, but are not required, to record their assessment results in Illuminate.   

Please note that the assessment tab will be deactivated on CFS due to the use of Illuminate for district assessments.  More information to come by September 11, 2015.